Why Event X?

Increase Ticketing Revenue

By leveraging the power of targeted text message campaigns, you can significantly boost your ticketing revenue.

Engage your audience directly, promote exclusive deals, and drive ticket sales effortlessly.

Reach your guests directly on their phones

Stop relying on marketing emails that end up being ignored or in your guests' spam folders.

With Event X, you can reach your guests directly through text message which has a 98% open rate.

Easily Sell to Past Attendees

It's easier to sell to current customers than find new ones.

With Event X, you can easily market your upcoming events to past attendees helping to increase ticket sales and develop a more engaged and loyal audience.

Work Smarter

Optimize your workflow by scheduling messages and event reminders to your audience.

Event X's built-in scheduling feature makes it easy to set up a mass blast to go out at any future date and time.

We got your back!

We pride ourselves in providing top of the line support either over the phone or through email. We guarantee that we will answer all your questions in a timely manner.

Attendee Management

Effortless Attendee Management

Seamlessly aggregate and manage all your event attendees in one central hub. Event X simplifies the process, allowing you to effortlessly upload contacts from various systems and sync attendees directly from Eventbrite.

Customizable Tags and Segmentation

Real Time Syncing


Seamless Event Communication

Stay connected with your audience like never before. Event X enables you to craft and convey messages seamlessly, from promoting upcoming events to sending timely reminders and capturing the essence with post-event photo recaps.

Instant Promotion

Automated Reminders

Two-way messaging

Attendee Management

Insightful Campaign Metrics

Gain in-depth insights into your message campaigns with Event X. Track click-through rates and delivery success to refine your event promotion strategy.

Actionable Analytics


Not convinced? Hear from our other customers

A greater sense of connection.
Event X has given us the ability to send texts based on Eventbrite events like when a user RSVPs  which is something that we never could do before. The consistency of texts has been huge for revenue and retention. It has also given our very small team the ability to follow-up with more people and respond via text in ways that enhance the sense of connection.
Gabriel Galarza
Founder & CEO, Over The Top XP
Great turnout despite COVID-19
We’ve used Event X for several virtual events during quarantine and despite COVID-19 our events had a great turnout largely because of Event X and how effective text messages are over email. The ease of access and the ability to use the platform has been smooth. When I had a question or needed help the team was able to quickly respond and solve the issue in a timely manner.
Brian Carmichael
Increased communication
Event X has allowed me to communicate with my customers in a more effective fashion.
Jeff Enebly
Founder & CEO, United Tribes of Africa
An unexpected but welcome result
I was excited to see the results of using Event X, thoroughly impressed.
Ryan Wieczorek
Founder & CEO, Rock Star Beer Festivals
Changed how I work entirely.
Event X App is a tremendous resource for my business. Sending 1 text message out to multiple guests and clients at one time is so easy and being able to respond through the App is even easier.  My company Karen Michelle/LYB Events will continue to keep using Event X ...  Great way to connect!!  I have referred people to Event X and they are satisfied as well. I highly recommend Event X!!!
Karen Michelle
Founder & CEO, LYB Events


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